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Lunar Cycle Perpetual Calendar

in: Woodcraft

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Create your own daily ritual around the lunar cycle!  This perpetual calendar will mean no more paper waste, and will never make you feel like you are mindlessly flipping through pages.  

This set includes two hand-numbered date cubes and three hand-lettered hardwood blocks depicting the months of the year.  One Moon phase "block" (it's really a sphere with a flat side, if I am being technical), painted with watercolors and watered down non-toxic acrylics, as well as a 2 year lunar cycle chart (2020 & 2021) showing the dates of the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter (plus a bonus - remaining 2019 lunar cycles!).

The letters and numbers are all hand written, then burned by hand (no laser cutters)

All pieces are finished with a non-toxic polish of organic beeswax & organic coconut