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Whimsical Wooden Gnome Stacking Puzzles | Ready to Ship

in: Woodcraft

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There’s g-no-me doubt about it, this little pair is ready to travel to your home! 

This set is original artwork by Marie Davis.  

Each set includes two gnomes.  

Each gnome is a stacking puzzle made up of 3 pieces.  Cut from poplar wood, with wood-burned details.  The gnomes are then hand-painted with a wash of certified non-toxic acrylic paint and polished with our own in-house organic coconut oil and beeswax wood polish.  No VOC's here!  This item is made with small parts and is not intended for unsupervised use by children under age 4.

Each gnome measures approximately 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and is 0.75 inches thick.  

Minor variation in wood-burned details, size and color will occur as each gnome is lovingly and individually crafted by hand.